Our Platform: Free and Fair New Hampshire

Our Platform: A Free & Fair New Hampshire

Colin Van Ostern and grassroots supporters across the state are advocating for a nonpartisan platform dedicated to a free and fair New Hampshire:

Modernizing and Securing State Elections & Business Oversight

      • Modernizing secure support for local elections officials — including proactive cooperation with cities and towns, electronic voter checklists and automatic voter registration to decrease lines — while maintaining 100% paper ballots and holding regular random audits of votes to confirm accurate machine counts.
      • Streamlining online business creation & improving service for entrepreneurs and small businesses
      • Securing accurate state voter checklists and restricting unsecured, out-of-state storage.

Standing up for Voting Rights

      • Resisting political efforts to complicate voter registration or add unnecessary red tape in front of college students, members of the military, and other citizens’ constitutional right to vote.
      • Defending NH’s election integrity and fighting back against false “voter fraud” political attacks and inaccurate statements from elected leaders, no matter the source.

Cleaning Up Our Elections

      • Supporting creation of a nonpartisan, independent redistricting commission that favors neither political party.
      • Working to ban all corporate & business donations to NH political campaigns.
      • Passing a new executive branch ethics law prohibiting appointed state agency heads and staff from using their taxpayer-funded offices for political campaign activity.

Protecting New Hampshire’s First in The Nation Primary

      • Ensuring ironclad adherence to administering the nation’s first presidential primary election.

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