Our Platform: Free and Fair New Hampshire

Our Platform: A Free & Fair New Hampshire

In order build a modern & accountable Secretary of State’s office that better protects the rights of every eligible voter and local official, Colin Van Ostern plans to ask New Hampshire’s 424 incoming legislators to consider him as a candidate for Secretary of State on December 5, 2018. Throughout the fall of 2018, Colin has released a series of policy proposals for incoming legislators to consider.  Click below to read:

  1. Accountability – A plan for the first legislative financial audit of the Secretary of State’s office in more than 11 years, as well as routine scrutiny until all 30 SoS office Significant Deficiencies and Material Weaknesses identified in the last audit are addressed.
  2. Modernization Seven ways that modern services & a new website can better help business owners & local officials.
  3. Reform – A proposal for adding legislative rule-making, replacing a politically-appointed role with a new nonpartisan Director for the Elections division, and adding new taxpayer & civil liberty protections to boost oversight.

Additionally, we are advocating for a nonpartisan platform of principles dedicated to a free and fair New Hampshire:

Modernizing and Securing State Elections & Business Oversight
      • Modernizing secure support for local elections officials — including proactive cooperation with cities and towns, electronic voter checklists with paper backups and automatic voter registration to decrease lines — while maintaining 100% paper ballots and holding regular random audits of votes to confirm accurate machine counts.
      • Streamlining online business creation & improving service for entrepreneurs and small businesses
      • Securing accurate state voter checklists and restricting unsecured, out-of-state storage.
Standing up for the Rights of Every Eligible Voter
      • Resisting political efforts to complicate voter registration or add unnecessary red tape in front of college students, members of the military, and other citizens’ constitutional right to vote.
      • Defending NH’s election integrity and fighting back against false “voter fraud” political attacks and inaccurate statements from elected leaders, no matter the source.
Cleaning Up Our Elections
      • Supporting creation of a nonpartisan, independent redistricting commission that favors neither political party.
      • Working to ban all corporate & business donations to NH political campaigns.
      • Passing a new executive branch ethics law prohibiting appointed state agency heads and staff from using their taxpayer-funded offices for political campaign activity.
Protecting New Hampshire’s First in The Nation Primary

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