Medicaid Expansion: Coos County

Coos County Enrollment Stats:
Why We Must Make Medicaid Expansion Permanent

Two years after Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern cast the deciding vote to implement the successful bipartisan “New Hampshire Health Protection Plan,” he is now running for Governor and has announced he will work to make Medicaid Expansion permanent if elected — here’s why:

The coverage launched in August 2014 to bring quality health insurance coverage to low-income New Hampshire individuals and families, and to strengthen the state’s workforce and public health. Today, 49,660 New Hampshire residents now have coverage, achieved with no new state taxes.

Here is what is at stake now:


City of Berlin – 622

HOUSE DISTRICT 1: 449 enrolled
Clarksville – 16
Colebrook – 157
Columbia – 32
Pittsburg – 39
Stewartstown – 60
Stratford – 75
Wentworth’s Location – 49

HOUSE DISTRICT 2: 242 enrolled
Dummer – 16
Milan – 54
Northumberland – 148
Stark – 24

HOUSE DISTRICT 3: 622 enrolled
Berlin – 622

HOUSE DISTRICT 4: 290 enrolled
Dalton – 65
Lancaster – 225

HOUSE DISTRICT 5: 254 enrolled
Carroll – 35
Jefferson – 60
Randolph – 10
Whitefield – 148

HOUSE DISTRICT 6: 116 enrolled
Gorham – 102
Shelburne – 14

This new coverage supports those living above the poverty line but who are still low income (ie, for a family of four, earning up to roughly $33,000/year).

  • Hospitals reported 27% fewer uninsured Emergency Room visits in New Hampshire last year
  • Over $600 million in health care coverage has returned to NH as a result of the program
  • New benefit has already been used by thousands for drug addiction & treatment services

The law passed with bipartisan support after tremendous work by NH legislators, leadership by Governor Maggie Hassan, and with the active encouragement of the business, hospital, and nonprofit community. It was implemented by a close 3-2 vote on the Executive Council on July 16, 2014. The program was reauthorized by one vote in the legislature this past winter, and is now scheduled to expire unless the next Governor and next legislature takes action.

Executive Councilor and Democratic candidate for Governor Colin Van Ostern, who cast the deciding vote to implement Medicaid expansion two years ago, has announced that if elected he will work with the incoming legislature, private, and nonprofit stakeholders to make this Medicaid expansion permanent.


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