Issues: Health & Safety

Building a Healthy Future:
Expanding Access to Affordable Health Care & Keeping Communities Safe

On the Executive Council, Colin cast the deciding vote to expand Medicaid health coverage to nearly 50,000 Granite Staters — the result of a bipartisan legislative success with broad support from the state healthcare and business communities — and as Governor, he’ll work to make this coverage permanent. Colin successfully stood up to Republicans and led the fight on the Executive Council to restore funding for preventive health care services at NH Planned Parenthood health centers.

To keep moving forward in expanding access to affordable healthcare, we must:

  • Make Medicaid Expansion Permanent: To support a healthier and stronger workforce and New Hampshire population, Colin will work with legislators to make the healthcare coverage recently extended to nearly 50,000 citizens permanent.
  • Pay Providers to Keep People Well, Not Just to Help Those Sick or Injured: Colin will support healthcare payment and delivery reforms to ensure that insurers and providers are paid for keeping people well, not just paid when they are sick or injured. Colin has worked to bring the state’s community mental health centers back into a prevention-focused payment model, and will support similar efforts throughout state support for health care access. He is actively working with state officials to bring behavioral health (including mental health and substance use disorder treatment) more directly into primary care.
  • Reliably Fund Birth Control, Cancer Screenings, and Annual Exams Without Playing Politics with Women’s Health — and Always Protecting a Women’s Right to Choose: Colin successfully led the effort to restore funding for preventive care at NH Planned Parenthood health centers, and in 2015 was named NARAL Pro-Choice NH’s “Champion for Choice” for his work. He will ensure stable and ongoing support for these services, and will stop any efforts to restrict New Hampshire women’s right to choose their own health care decisions without political interference. Colin is the only candidate for Governor endorsed by Planned Parenthood NH Action Fund.
  • Encourage Competition & Transparency to Strengthen Consumer Choice and Limit Price Increases: On the Executive Council, Colin worked with state agency staff to expand insurance provider competition and end the “narrow networks” which left too many NH citizens with limited access to care—and he has promoted pricing transparency for NH medical procedures to help consumers shop for better prices. As Governor, Colin will fight against monopolization of insurance and health care delivery, and will boost efforts to use price transparency to bring down medical costs.
  • Ensure Common-Sense Gun Violence Prevention Measures to Keep our Citizens & Law Enforcement Safe: As a gun owner, hunter, and father, Colin knows that comprehensive background checks and other common-sense gun violence prevention measures can keep New Hampshire a safe place to live while protecting the rights of responsible, law abiding gun owners. Colin was the first candidate for Governor to encourage New Hampshire state leaders to join every other New England state in strengthening background check systems with data on those involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, found not guilty by reason of insanity or found incompetent to stand trial. If Congress continues to refuse to act, Colin will work with legislators and neighboring states to enact state or regional level gun-violence prevention measures that are consistent with New Hampshire’s traditions of hunting and responsible gun ownership.
  • Improve NH’s Medical Cannabis Program and Improve Marijuana Laws: Colin will work with legislators to ensure that the state’s recently-implemented medical cannabis program doesn’t restrict medically-sound usage for chronic pain conditions that are safely treated by the drug. He will support legislation that would allow New Hampshire to join every other New England state in decriminalization, so that possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use does not derail a life or career and result in expensive incarceration costs which could be better spent on drug addiction treatment services.


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