September 15, 2016


Van Ostern Calls On Chris Sununu To Reconsider His Opposition To The Bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Plan And Help Those In Substance Use Recovery

CONCORD, N.H. — Today, Democratic nominee for Governor Colin Van Ostern held a roundtable with addiction experts, public health advocates, and those in recovery at New Futures in Concord, where he and advocates discussed how different components of his plan will help combat New Hampshire’s opioid crisis. Colin Van Ostern is running a campaign focused on the issues and knows that the opioid crisis is one of the most urgent issue threatening the quality of life and well-being of Granite Staters.

“When it comes to our opioid crisis, I know we’re fighting the problem, not the people with the problem, which is why I’ve voted to extend coverage and ensure our substance abuse treatment centers and mental health professionals have the resources they need to succeed,” said Colin Van Ostern, Democratic nominee for Governor. “I hope Chris Sununu will end his longtime opposition to the bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Plan which is now providing coverage for thousands who are struggling with addiction, and join me in endorsing New Futures’ nonpartisan plan to make this coverage permanent and overcome this crisis.”

“Great minds think alike because our agenda and Colin Van Ostern’s agenda highlight the steps our state must take toward combatting the opioid epidemic,” said Linda Saunders Paquette, Executive Director of New Futures. “Ensuring the New Hampshire Health Protection Program is permanent is critically important toward providing those affected by this crisis with access to treatment. Colin understands that and I know he will bring the leadership our state needs in addressing this issue.”

Unlike his Republican opponent, Colin understands the bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Program has been a critical cornerstone of New Hampshire’s efforts to help people fighting substance use disorders, ensuring access to treatment for thousands of people. While Colin voted consistently to make the New Hampshire Health Protection Program permanent, Chris Sununu voted against it and fought to prevent the expansion from even coming to the table for a vote.

As Governor, Colin will focus on a four-part strategy to address the heroin and opioid crisis that includes boosting resources to combat substance abuse, expanding prevention measures, removing barriers to treatment, and supporting recovery programs. He also has been a leader in bringing dozens of other elected officials and candidates to join him in endorsing the nonprofit, nonpartisan New Futures’ “Five Points For New Hampshire’s Future” plan.

See Colin’s full plan here.


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