October 20, 2016


SALEM, N.H. – Today, Democratic nominee for Governor, Colin Van Ostern met with New Hampshire business leaders to discuss ways to modernize state government and cut red tape. Joined by leading voices in the business community at Motivis Learning, an education technology firm in Salem, Colin offered examples of how to modernize state government functions, cut red tape and inefficient spending, and improve customer service.

“To strengthen New Hampshire’s economy, we must take the next step forward in modernizing state government and make it work more efficiently for New Hampshire people and businesses,” said Colin Van Ostern, Democratic nominee for Governor. “I’ll bring that fiscal responsibility to the Governor’s office and I’ll cut inefficient spending, get rid of red tape, and use innovative solutions to save money with no broad-base income or sales tax. And I’ll invest those savings in our future, creating clean energy jobs, protecting affordable healthcare, strengthening our workforce, and ensuring our children can go to college without being crushed by debt.”

Colin offered five examples of ways New Hampshire can modernize state government functions, cut red tape, cut inefficient spending, and improve customer service – with no sales tax and no income tax:

1. Move more business creation services online so business owners don’t need to be forced to stand in line – often in Concord – to obtain state business certificates, trade names, trademarks, or other professional licenses and certifications.

2. Digitize and streamline the state contracting process for routine contracts. Allow small businesses and nonprofits to work more efficiently with the state by moving to digital contracting options and avoiding redundant filings.

3. Expand digital payments to replace more snail-mail check processing and mailed communications. The state currently spends millions of dollars on snail-mail check processing and other printed and mailed communication that can be saved by moving to digital payments and electronic communications as the default mode of correspondence, where allowed by law.

4. Incentive state agencies and employees to find new efficiency and savings. New Hampshire can modernize existing employee incentive programs so that employees and agencies who identify cost-savings can keep a small portion of the savings, with the balance of cost savings returned to the general fund or taxpayers.

5. End the cap on solar & renewable energy development. Right now the state has a cap on the number of solar panels we can have in New Hampshire. As Governor, Colin will work to eliminate that cap holding back private investment in renewable energy and move to a sustainable model that is fair to all consumers.

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