ICYMI: Conway Daily Sun Endorses Van Ostern for Governor

CONWAY – In case you missed it, the Conway Daily Sun, which endorsed John E. Sununu multiple times and has backed many Republicans is endorsing Colin Van Ostern for Governor. See the complete endorsement below:

Conway Daily Sun: Colin Van Ostern For Govenror

November 2, 2016

Former governor John H. Sununu served before our time, but we enthusiastically endorsed his son, John E. Sununu, both as a congressman and a senator.

So it would be natural to support Chris, the latest Sununu to enter politics, particularly because as operator of Waterville Valley Resort he is in an industry that is near and dear to us.

There are, however, more compelling reasons that tilts us toward Colin Van Ostern for governor.
First is balance. It’s been classic sausage making, but the state government is in good financial shape, in no large part because of forced compromises made between the Republican-dominated Legislature and Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan.

Though strained, we believe a bipartisan relationship between the Legislature and the corner office results in good governance.

Second, expanded Medicaid.

Republicans, including Sununu, want to end expanded Medicaid, and, while they talk about “the New Hampshire way,” the fact is none of them offers concrete plans to replace what Medicaid provides, medical coverage to 47,000 New Hampshire residents.

Equally important, expanded Medicaid brings a windfall of hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government that offsets uncompensated costs incurred by hospitals and the state.


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