Thank you!


I am writing to thank you. Thank you to the thousands who contributed and volunteered for our campaign, to the hundreds of thousands who placed your confidence in me with your vote yesterday, and to every citizen who participated in our democratic election.

I’m disappointed in the results, but I remain excited about the bright future we can build together for the people of New Hampshire.

This morning I called Governor-elect Chris Sununu to congratulate him on his victory and to offer to help in any way I can. I am rooting for his success in his work for the people of our state.

Our policy disagreements in this campaign have been no secret, but we also found common ground: on fully funding full-day public kindergarten for every community in our state’s next budget; on the importance of lowering college costs; on the need for energy efficiency investments; on guaranteeing every worker can earn paid family and sick leave; and on the need to make smart investments while keeping taxes low. While Republicans will control both the executive and legislative branches of New Hampshire’s government beginning in January, I will do everything I can as a private citizen and in our state’s growing private sector to advance this needed work, regardless of party lines. We must move forward as one state.

Way too early this morning, my sons Peter and Patrick took me swimming in the pool of the hotel where we watched returns late last night. It is impossible to be anything but optimistic for our state, and our country, when I hear their laughter and hold them splashing and wriggling in excitement. Kristyn and I thank you all so much for the support you have showed our family this past year.

Today we begin the process of healing a nation and a state whose deepest and ugliest divisions have been exposed in this election. The path may be hard, but I remember the words of a great President: “There is nothing so wrong with America that cannot be solved by what is right with America.” That’s the future I believe in.




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