I’m running for Governor in 2016 to keep New Hampshire moving forward — and to build a stronger economy where everyone has the chance to succeed, not just those at the top.

Working with Governor Hassan and state leaders, I cast the deciding vote on the state Executive Council to extend Medicaid health care coverage to nearly 50,000 New Hampshire citizens — including critical drug addiction treatment services for thousands. I led the successful effort to restore funding for birth control and cancer screenings at our state’s Planned Parenthood health centers, and I’ve championed solar & renewable energy projects in every corner of New Hampshire.

Now, we must keep that progress going by making the expansion of Medicaid healthcare coverage & addiction treatment services permanent, by keeping Planned Parenthood funded, by strengthening our schools, and by investing in solar & renewable energy projects that are critical for boosting our clean tech economy, limiting energy costs, protecting our environment, and creating thousands of jobs.

As a dad, as a business leader at some of our state’s best employers, and as an elected official representing over a quarter-million of my fellow citizens — I love New Hampshire and I’ll work hard to keep it moving forward.

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